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Looking for trainers, shoes, football boots, or cheap footwear? At DMS Sports World we bring you a fantastic range of shoes at the best prices online wherever you are in the UK.

Buy mens trainers, womens boots and kids shoes online now at DMS. Whether you are a lady needing womens fashion boots, running shoes or cheap womens trainers for everyday wear we are sure you'll find exactly what you need. We offer fast delivery on all our orders and most shoes are delivered the next day. From mens size 6 trainers to mens size 12 trainers we stock the lot.

We also have a great range of cheap sandals and flip flops for the summer, we offer free returns so buy yourself a bargain today.

We have plenty of stock of retro trainers and vintage trainers for men and women. Brands include Adidas originals, puma and dunlop retro trainers.

Over 100 years ago was the birth of the training shoe. Primarily used for sport, in recent years the training shoe has evolved to become the preferred choice for mens and women's casual shoes. Countries even have different names for the training shoe. Sneakers in the USA, joggers, gutties and canvers are just a few of the names around the world. DMS provides a range of trainers to suit all activities and budgets. If you are a sporty person we are sure to have sports trainers to offer the protection and comfort needed when doing physical activity. If you are a fashion conscious wearer our trainer styles are exciting and will look awesome on your feet, with all the sizes in stock we will have the right shoe for your feet. With plenty of variety and brands including, mens Adidas trainers, Nike trainers, Reebok trainers, Ascis Trainers and more styled brands like K-Swiss mens trainers we have a enviable selection.

Mens Shoes & Womens Shoes
Don't be fooled in thinking that because our prices are cheap for ladies boots and mens shoes that we compromise on quality. We stock only the best ladies fashion shoe brands including, womens Ugg boots and iron fist ladies heels. For men we have an exclusive range of mens base shoes, mens firetrap shoes, mens rockport shoes and mens grinders boots plus many more brands at unrivalled prices.

Childrens Trainers
We have a fantastic range of boys trainers and girls shoes to choose from all for great prices. Our Kids shoes range are all the best makes and models and brands include Adidas, Timberland, Reebok and to name a few.

Football Boots
DMS has mens football boots and junior football boots at the cheapest prices online. Stocking all the major brands including Adidas predator boots we have every style and type of soccer boot for any player.

Active feet need active care. We like to look after your feet so that's why we stock only genuine, trustworthy and reliable brands. We have a wide selection of shoes, trainers, football boots and specialist footwear for your everyday or sporting needs, and we pride ourselves on top quality footwear at reasonable prices. Enjoying browsing through our fantastic collection of shoes and trainers, for men and women – there are plenty of styles to choose from so there will always be something to suit you!

We love active feet, and active feet love our website! So if you want to get Adidas trainers, Asics trainers, New Balance trainers or any other quality footwear, DMS Sportsworld is the right place for you.
Here at DMS Sportsworld, we give you the best of everything. So you can get style, comfort, durability and performance from all of our shoes and trainers. Whether you need Asics trainers for tennis at the weekend, or New Balance trainers for a marathon, you will find something to suit your lifestyle.

We have one of the biggest active footwear collections for shoes, trainers and specialist footwear available online, so browse at your convenience and get shoes and trainers delivered to your door.
When you need us to take care of your feet, we make sure that we do it quickly. In fact, 95% of our deliveries leave our warehouse on the same day that we receive payment. So if you don't feel like waiting for your shoes and trainers, then you won't have to!

For any orders over £50, we can deliver to you free of charge. So if you need shoes trainers, football boots, New Balance trainers, Asics trainers or training shoes, specialist shoes or casual footwear, shop online with us now.
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